Hairy little pistons

Bike Miles today: 9

Enjoyed the nice weather on the daily commute today. I felt really strong today. I think this had to do with the warmer weather and how quickly my legs loosened up after I started riding. It hit 51 as the high so that is certainly nice. I wonder if it is global warming or a nature cyclical warming trend? Or just a strange winter.

This morning on the ride to work I spent an inordinate amount of time watching my legs pumping up and down on the pedals. Have you ever noticed how much they look like hairy pistons? (OK, maybe it’s just mine) I always find that amazing when I’m pedaling along. The next time you are out riding and you are on a good stretch of road where you can get a nice steady cadence going check it out. It makes me wonder if this motion was the impetus for pistons in the internal combustion engine. The layout and design seem so similar. It seems to be an extremely efficient mechanism for movement too, at least when utilized on a vehicle with a fairly low weight. Unfortunately most engines in America are saddled with about 5000 lbs of SUV metal. Unlike a 25 lb bike. Bikes are pretty amazing little machines when you think about how far they can move with a small amount of effort from their driver.

I saw a news article about a company in Seattle that makes messenger bags by reusing old parts from cars, bike inner tubes, etc. I thought I would paste the link here in case anyone wanted to check it out.



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