Bike Miles Today: 0

Didn’t go anywhere today. I stayed home with a sick family. Everyone is sick. The least sick person in our house today was probably the dog, followed by our 1.5 year old. Neither of which can really take care of anything so we were struggling through. Not to mention, any of you who have had small children know that when they are sick you as a parent get no sleep at night. It’s draining. I’m pretty lucky that when I sleep I don’t hear anything so I can sleep most of the night uninterrupted, unless I get a sharp poke in the ribs and get “motivated” to get out of bed and do something.

Enough depressing talk. Let’s talk about food.

I made some homemade chicken noodle soup today (doesn’t chicken noodle soup always make you feel better??). As usual, it was delicious. Can anyone explain why chicken noodle soup is so good? I can’t figure it out. And it is super easy to make too. I don’t know why I ever use to buy the canned stuff.

Really, one of my favorite foods in the world is soup. You can make it with just about anything. It’s a great way to clean out the fridge when you have a ton of leftovers in there. (Actually I keep a bag in the freezer to add leftovers too and then when it is full make a big batch of leftover soup) When I do make some up I make a huge batch and then keep reheating it all week and eating it with my meals. And somehow it gets better every single day. If I ever open up a restaurant I think it would feature mostly soups. I could be the Iowa version of the soup nazi. For some reason my kids aren’t into soups that much yet. I hope that changes sometime soon.

The weather hasn’t been as cold as the weather guy said it would be so I might be able to get in some biking time in the next few days. We’ll see. I’m already excited for winter to almost be over. Probably by the end of the month the weather will consistently be warm enough for me to ride about whenever I feel like it.



One response to “MMM…MMM…Good

  1. Hope all feeling better today.

    Soup is always a feel better food.

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