The man in black

I recently purchased a new CD (this is rare for me) of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits. I had seen the movie and I was kind of interested in hearing some of his songs again so I bought the CD. It was kind of an impulse purchase when I was standing in line at Best Buy. I’m surprised how much I like it. I really like how good the lyrics are and how easy they are to hear. A lot of the music now is so “electrified” that you don’t even know what they are saying most of the time. It’s also interesting to listen to how his music changes over time. This CD spans about 40 years so you can really hear a difference in his voice, instruments and the recording clarity over that time span.

When I bought it I figured my favorite songs were probably going to be Walk the Line or Ring of Fire. But I think they are actually Folsome Prison Blues and A boy named Sue. Those two are really great. So far I’ve listened to them a ton and I’m not getting tired of them. I like how A boy name Sue is written a lot like Alice’s Restaurant.

Any of you have any other ideas for who I should listen to and broaden my musical taste? Maybe I should try some Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard now that I’m older and might appreciate them more. Back in the day I would hear them but I was younger and much less sophisticated. Drop me a comment and I’ll give them a try.



4 responses to “The man in black

  1. Johnny Cash was Grandpa Schafer’s favorite. But you are correct, I grew up with all country and the old time honky-tonk but as I got older I enjoy them more. At the moment I am drawing a blank on some of the others but you might enjoy Merle Haggard, not sure about Willie.

  2. Waylon Jennings!

  3. It isn’t country but you should check out some Jack Johnson. It is recent, all of his stuff is in the last 4 years. Make sure you get the right guy, it is Big Jack Johnson, who is a blues jazz musician. This Jack Johnson did the soundtrack to Curious George if you have seen that yet.

  4. sorry I mistyped something, it is NOT Big Jack Johnson.

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