Rules to live by

In my world I have a few rules that I live by. There are simple ones like “Don’t eat yellow snow” and “Never underestimate a guy missing fingers” and more complex ones like my rules concerning when men are allowed to cry (funerals/death notifications, weddings (your own wedding only), births (your kids only please), when it would lead directly to scoring with a women, and injuries involving your little buddy) and even more complex are some of my eating rules. For example, anything fried in a skillet with spices will be good. You can just take that to the bank. Doesn’t really matter what’s in the skillet.

Case in point, last night we had musgo at our house. Musgo comes about when I come home from work and look in the fridge for something to cook for dinner (knowing I didn’t get anything out of the freezer) and see a ton of leftovers in the fridge. So, it’s musgo night. Everything in the fridge must go. Get it? Ha! Anyway, after feeding the rest of the family a mix of quesadillas with chicken and broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe and chips I had to find something to make for myself. Not a hard challenge because as the cook of the house I know how to whip things up. So, I decided to invoke FGLB’s “anything fried in a skillet is good” rule and make something for dinner. Leftover roasted potatoes? BAM! In the pan! Leftover grilled chicken? BAM! Corn? BAM! Stuffing? BAM! BAM!! BAM!!! Now, spices….hmmm…I think I’ll take it easy tonight. Just some seasoning salt, salt and black pepper. Damn, that’s good. Looking for something to do with leftovers that’s going to taste great? Throw it in the skillet with some spices and some grease. It’s good eats.

Now, about frying stuffing. I know you are looking at your computers right now thinking I’m the craziest person you’ve ever met (does this count as meeting??). But give this a shot, next time you have some leftover stuffing cut chunks off in little squares. Heat up a skillet with some veggie oil. When it’s hot plop in your stuffing square. Let it cook until it’s golden brown and delicious on one side and flip it. When the other side is browned plate it and eat. Now, if you don’t think that isn’t a pure slice of heaven you are just not right in the head.



One response to “Rules to live by

  1. Waste not, want not!
    Slap some cheese on most anything and it too will be edible!–>

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