Bike to Work week

This week is bike to work week, for those of you who aren’t necessarily bike riders, and there has been some mainstream publicity about people riding their bikes to work. Here is one example.

I can’t believe how this guy is amazed about losing weight and feeling better. Haven’t people been saying for years that some physical activity makes people more happy and feel better? Why is this a surprise?

I can’t wait for the time oil/gas is too expensive for people to live 50-60 miles from work and our cities start to shrink down to an easily navigable core. When transportation gets too expensive we will have to locally source more of our food and goods we purchase. This will be great for local economies. We will be more independent and our local economies will have a more diverse employment base. We can spend more time enjoying our life instead of having to drive to Wal-Mart over here and Target over there to get things. We’ll have to make do with the local neighborhood shops and what they sell because we won’t be able to travel very far. That will be good and bad, but our stress level as a group should really decrease when we don’t have to spend all our time running about.

Got out tonight for a short ride over to my apartment so I could mow the yard. Pulled the boy on his trail a bike. He played over there while I mowed the yard. My wife and younger son came over after they finished shopping at Walgreens so we rode home together. We only did 4-5 miles tonight but after softball last night, tennis today, mowing most of two yards and that little riding I’m cooked. I find that as time goes by our whole family uses means other than a car for more and more short trips. That’s great. We’re getting better about being less car dependent. So, I guess even though I can’t ride to work anymore I can still do my part by riding my bike for short trips around the area.



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