Rules of Vendo-land

After reading this story I began to wonder about my own vending machine habits and rules.

For example, if you go by the machine and you see something stuck in the machine is it fair game? I say yes, especially since I am big boned I can easily rock the machine to dislodge said item, thus procuring an item for free. Even though I think this is OK are societies rules the same? Is it only OK to take these items if you pay for the same item and the item you paid for dislodged the stuck item while it was being dispensed? (I also think this is OK but why do it? see example #1 above) Thus you have paid for one and gotten one for free. Or perhaps you purchased a different item that fell and released the item in question. (seems OK to me, but see #1 again, or the linked story) Post your thoughts on the rules of vendo-land.

What if I’m rocking the machine (when the machine is rocking don’t come…oh never mind…) to release Item A (let’s say chips) and while I’m doing that Item B (Hershey’s or Twizzlers, these items are very easy to dislodge, trust me) comes loose (after not being stuck at all) is Item B fair game? I draw the line there. I’m happy to take Item A, but if a B falls down then I usually try to give it away so as not to have any unnecessary guilt on my conscience. It seems like Item B was an unfortunate occurrence and by taking B I have effectively made that entire row of snacks off limits. Who wants to pay for the first spot that is empty to get all the ones behind it moved up? Not me. (Although I’ve never checked to see if that is what happens on these things) To me that seems like stealing or something. I can’t take advantage of a B when that happens.

Another part of this is the incorrectly dispensed item. If you hit Diet Pepsi and a Pepsi comes out what do you do? I still drink the Pepsi and then complain to the vending guy and get my money back. (The vending guy and I are like peas and carrots) Is this fair since I did consume the Pepsi? I say yes, because, as the customer I am always right. I figure their penance for giving me the wrong product is that I get one for free. Besides, it costs them like $.10 to make a bottle of pop anyway so they aren’t really in too bad of shape when I do that. But, how can I be certain that I actually hit the correct button? Well, I’m the customer and I’m always right. That’s how.


P.S. We rode our bikes up to the grocey store (about 4 miles round trip) to pick up a few things. Using bikes for small, short errands rules. We get to ride our bikes (nice), get our shopping done (also nice), get some exercise (awesome) and practice good stewardship of the environment (double awesome). I think we’ll be doing more local shopping and riding our bikes more.


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