I finally ride a bike

Well, I finally got on the bike a few times this weekend.

Friday afternoon I went to pick up child #2 at day-care on my bike. I hadn’t ridden my bike over there before so it was an adventure finding my way over there. There are a ton of non-bike friendly streets between here and there, not to mention one huge corporate campus in the way. My friend and I devised a route that worked really quite well. (I’m glad our company has a big professional mapping software it subscribes to) I was on mostly low traffic roads for the whole thing. I did hit a snag riding across the campus when I made a turn into a dead end street that ended in the front entryway to their HQ building. I was a little freaked about this since I’m not there for a valid business reason, but I just rode across the main lobby and kept going and pretended like I didn’t see any signs or hear anyone. It worked out OK. On the way back I found a road through the campus so I’ll do that next time. 🙂 Now I feel like a real biking outlaw!

This morning I went out for a little ride. I set the alarm specifically so I could hit the road around 6. As I was getting dressed who should come out? But child #2, he decided that he had enough sleep I guess. (He was up at 5 yesterday so he must be an early riser) So, I decided to throw him in his trailer and pull him along. We went along the back roads by our house until I got to the city wide trail system. We circled a lake down there and came back. On the way back we needed to hit the store for some milk so while we were there we had a little breakfast. Nothing better than some ham and hashbrowns smothered in cheese. MMM–MMM

(There is some kind of mapping software available on the web where you can map out your route. I would appreciate it if someone could pass it along to me so I could start doing that. I would love to be able to figure out how long some of these rides are. Thanks)

I’m throwing up a few pics for your perusal.

Here is a pic of child #2 just as we are getting ready to leave. He’s reading his Bob the Builder book if you must know.

Our child trailer does double duty hauling groceries whenever we can. It doesn’t hold very much though.

We celebrated child #2’s 2nd birthday on Sat. This is how you’re supposed to eat cake!! And there was frosting on this, he just ate that first. Probably why he is so happy.



2 responses to “I finally ride a bike

  1. This is the one I use, it’s super easy to use:


  2. Hey matt, thanks for pics of Ethan. I forgot to pack pics of boys. Give them a hug for me and give one to Rachael. Also, I need some good chicken breast recipes. I am using mainly EVOO in a skillet. maybe some flavoring ideas.


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