Much ado about nothing

I haven’t had much to post about lately.

We spent most of this past weekend swimming in the pool. We are lucky enough to have a pool in our backyard. (It came with the house) Having a pool is mostly against my ecological & social beliefs. Mostly because having a personal pool is one way to flaunt the excess comsumption that is America. But, life is full of compromises and having a pool is one of them. Besides, we actually were going to fill it in when we first got the house (the pool was in disrepair, like most of the house) but it was more expensive to fill it in than fixing it and using it. (It’s amazing how the city can get involved and do things like that) Since most of my decisions revolve around whether I’m going to spend or make money we decided to keep it, which is great for a wife who loves to swim and children who love water of any kind.

You’ll be surprised to know that my swimming specialty is making cannonballs and displacing the maximum amount of water possible with my pool entries. At least I’m kinda good at it. The profile pic is a lovely pic from this past weekend of me in mid-air with pretty good form. I’m unable to completely tuck my legs under my stomach and do a full cannonball (something about a belly being in the way) but my water displacement comes out good anyway. Notice please my great farmer’s/cyclist tan on the arms.

For all you McGyver freaks out there. Want to know if his tricks are possible? Follow this link which I stole from here.



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