What’s in a day?

Well, the day has finally arrived. Yes, today is the day. I’ve finally reached a milestone today. Today is my 30th birthday. Yes, it’s official, I’m officially getting older. No wait, I am old. Soon I’ll be joining AARP, asking for discounts when I eat and prepaying my funeral services. Oh yes, today is the beginning of the end for me. How much longer before I start forgetting things or watching PBS? Wait a tick… Or how much longer before I decide to !!GASP!! get a recumbant?? The times they are a changing.

When you age aren’t you supposed to become wiser? Where is that at? When do I get some of this wisdom? If anything, it seems like life is more confusing now than it’s ever been. Aren’t I supposed to have this thing figured out at some point? How long do I have to stumble along like a freshman on his first day on campus? The freaky thing is that I have kids of my own and I still haven’t figured life out? How are they going to grow up not screwed up?

And what happened to the birthday parties? This year we went out for pizza (I had a gift certificate and we splurged for cheese bread and drinks), came home and had some cake, opened my present (a cast iron grill pan, yeah!!), and then did some work, put kids to bed and wrote this blog. 5 years ago I’d still be out at the bar downing drinks and not even wondering what time I will get up tomorrow (6 by the way, I get to sleep in tomorrow). Actually, a lot has happened in the past 5 years. I moved to a different state, bought 2 personal houses (remodeling both extensively), about 5-6 rental places (remodeling most of those too), sold about 4 rental places, had 2 kids (well my wife did but I did the important stuff like buy the taco bell after the delivery and feed the cravings during pregnancy) and who knows what else that I’ve forgotten.

Man it’s been a crazy ride. It’s been a good 30 years though. Let’s hope the next 30 are as good, and the 30 after that…and hopefully the ones after that…



3 responses to “What’s in a day?

  1. Good stuff, I’m 16 years further along in the progession to old age, I’d have to say-it gets better the older you get 🙂

  2. Hey bro, I volunteer myself to down that alcohol on behalf of you. :o) Finally leaving Masan on Saturday to go barhopping at a different city. supposed to be a couple of cool bars. A “Pirate” bar with Ice glasses, and a German bar of some sort. Happy birthday again. Love ya

  3. Happy birthday man!

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