Summer eat local challenge-meal #1.

Liz over at Pocket Farm put forth a challenge to eat one completely local meal a week for the whole summer. I figured I would give it a shot so I signed up to be part of the group. (Free prizes for eating more healthy? OK) Check out the details here. This is coming on the heels of the eat local challenge for the month of May.

I hereby put forth a snapshot of my first completely local meal.

I used my grill pan to cook up 2 ribeyes (they’re pretty big, we only ate one) from our recent cow purchase. Then I slid the whole thing under the broiler to finish up after they had a nice “grilled” outside.

At the same time I sliced some new potatoes in half and boiled them. Then I got the cast iron skillet nice and hot, threw in a little veggie oil and browned the bottoms (flat side). Sprinkled on some salt and those were good. Since the skillet was hot I threw in some frozen corn we had cut from some sweet corn ears last summer and fried that up. I usually follow an Amish recipe for the fried corn, but since I didn’t have local butter or onions, yet, I just left those out and fried it with some salt. (Veggie oil and spices are on the exclusion list)

It was deeeliisssh.



5 responses to “Summer eat local challenge-meal #1.

  1. Looks scrumptious!

    What’s for supper tonight, I’ll be there. Well in spirit,anyway

  2. My god, that steak looks fabulous!

  3. Just checked out your links. Very interesting and with your new garden projects should not be too difficult for the summer.

  4. OH MY GOD!!!! Is that “REAL” beef? the steaks at the Outback in Changwon didn’t look anywhere near that good. Stupid Australian beef. At the store here, they do not sell much beef, and what they do sell isn’t very tasty.

  5. Looks fantastic! I think we’re going to have to acquire a cow here….

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