The smoke cooked it good

Things turned out really well. Those are the slabs on the bottom right. They are baby back slabs. I usually cook spare ribs which have a lot more fat so these were a little dry. They were quite flavorful, but they needed to be sauced. On the bottom left is the first helping of pulled pork. That turned out fantastic. I smoked it for just about 11 hours and then put it in the oven wrapped in aluminum foil for about 2.5 hours more. Turned out really great. Nice and smoky and moist and very very tender. On the upper right is the leftover shoulder. 10 lbs makes a ton of pulled pork. I had enough after shredding what is still wrapped in the pic to fill that bowl up again. It’s in the freezer waiting for the next time I get a hankering for some que.

We also had some roasted new potatoes, cheesy corn and baked beans. It was a good dinner.

Fatty rating on ribs: 7 for flavor but 4 for dryness. Overall a 6 I’d say. Next time I’ll sauce them while they cook and see how that goes.

Fatty rating on pulled pork: 9 for moistness and flavor. When you put a little sauce on them it was over the top. Easily over 9 with the sauce. Very happy with those results. Maybe I don’t need to be such a stickler to smoking it the whole time to get good results.



One response to “The smoke cooked it good

  1. My mouth is hunkering for a bite right now.
    Looks fantabulous!! and I know it was from past samplings!!

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