FGLB attempts to make zucchinni bread

Tomorrow is food day at work and I decided I wanted to bring something homemade. I normally bring something homemade but the last few I’ve stopped at the store or just plain forgot. But what to make…

Hey! Why not some zuchinni bread? I got some zucchinni cheaply at the roadside stand and it will be semi-local since I made it myself. I’ve never made it before but that’s no big deal. My mom is the worlds best banana bread maker so some of that skill has to have ended up in my gene pool right?

Well let’s see…follow the recipe on page 43 of my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook and here are the results…

Looks pretty good. We’ll see how it tastes in the morning.



One response to “FGLB attempts to make zucchinni bread

  1. It looks wonderful! Nice crown on the top, crusty edge and beautiful color. Bet you will not bring any home.
    Baking is fun.

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