Zucchinni Bread update

After taste testing an end piece I was disappointed in the bread. It was really dry. I was afraid to even serve it at work, but I decided to take it anyway since it was ready and I was running late this morning.

But I just tasted a piece from more towards the middle and it was fine. Really good actually. I don’t know why the zucchinni is in it because as far as I can tell the bread just tastes like cinnamon. With banana or pumpkin bread you can tell what the fruit adds but I can’t tell here.

Oh well, at least I know it’s good now and I won’t be afraid to make it in the future. My mom was worried about what I would do with all my zucchinni when I told her how many plants I planted. Well I know now what I’ll do with it!



One response to “Zucchinni Bread update

  1. You amaze me every update! Another one of those foods you would not eat years ago!!
    Try muffins and also a cake. Will try to remember to ask the lady at work about the cake. It was out of this world delicious!!

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