Weary weekends

Why am I always happy to go back to work Monday morning so I can get some rest? I guess because I’m so busy cramming all my stuff to do into the weekends that I exhaust myself.

I spent the weekend at my apartment building painting the trim around the outside of the windows. And boy are my arms tired. HA HA Oh, OK. Anyway, it wouldn’t be that bad except that it is plenty hot outside now and the front of the apartment building (the side that needed painting the worst) is in the direct sun for most of the day. So needless to say I got waaayyyy too much sun this weekend. I’m feeling the after effects of it today. I feel like a slug moving around right now. (I drank so much water the past few days you would swear I had been out in the desert on a horse with no name.) But, I must say it sure looks a lot better and should hopefully make the tenants more proud to live there. I’ll be spending my free time over there for the next few weeks trying to get it finished up. I’m not really that excited to spend more time out in the sun and on a little ladder but hopefully it will be worth it eventually.

We were also able to get about 4 pounds of green beans and 13 ears of sweet corn frozen up for the winter. We are starting to put some things away for this winter. Unfortunately for us everything we put in the freezer needs a spot so we have to take something out. We are just under prepared with our freezer space. I’m pretty sure we’ll be picking up a small little freezer this week for all the fresh produce we want to freeze for the winter.

On the same subject, sort of. I’ve come to the realization that I will be swimming in a sea of zucchini soon. I planted 5 plants (along with 3 summer squash plants) and I think I could have done with just one. I like zucchini, and can probably eat 1, maybe 2 per week, but I think when it starts coming in I’ll have a lot more than that. (if the amount of flowers on the plants are any indication) Lucky for me you can freeze it (according to my books, and use it in zucchini bread) but I still think after this summer we won’t want to see a zucchini for a while. Guess I should have listened to mom when she questioned why I planted that many plants. If you have any ideas on interesting ways to prepare it pass ’em along. I’m happy to take suggestions.

Went out to eat last night and I was roundly disappointed. We’ve both come to realization that restaurant food just isn’t as good as the food we eat at home. The food we are eating at home is fresher, better tasting and most times, more healthy for us. We’ve decided to give up on eating out. Why continue to pay someone to cook food for us that we don’t enjoy and isn’t good for us? That just doesn’t make much sense.

We are having our local dinner tonight so stay tuned for a posting of that later tonight.

On another note, does anyone have any knowledge about how to freeze Spinach? If you do please drop me a note. I’ve got some from the market I need to save and I’m not sure how to do it.

I ran over a rabbit this weekend driving to my apartment. As much as I hate the little things for the havoc they are wrecking on my garden I still feel bad about running it over. I swerved to miss it but it hopped right into me. Poor thing. I hope you enjoyed your short time on earth.



3 responses to “Weary weekends

  1. Matt. FIVE summer squash, total? Can you rip some out and make room for a fall crop of lettuce or something?

    Get yourself a good book on preserving the harvest. I happen to like Preserving Summers Bounty, it tells you how to dry/freeze/blanch/can everything.

    For spinach, wash it well & trim out the midrib. Blanch in steam for 3 min, or boiling water for 2 min. Chop and freeze and you’re set.

  2. Go to your count extension office, they should have some free booklets on how to preserve garden produce. At least that is where I learned what I always did.

    Liz is correct tho, if they do not have what you want find a good book.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll check it out.

    I’m hesitant to rip any out because they are almost ready to start producing and then all that effort with them would have been for naught. Even if I have more than I can handle I can trade them for other things, or build up good will with the neighbors for my “messy” yard with free veggies. Living in the city with neighbors close by does have challenges.

    And besides, I’ll have plenty of room for lettuce, spinach, peas, etc once my summer crops are taken out and I rotate the fall stuff back in. At least I think I will…

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