Fun stuff

Here is some random fun stuff that I’ve come across that I thought I would share.

Funny video

Fun with kids

Water show

Shining parody (clever editing and music make this movie appear to be a love story)

It’s tough being a mascot (does have a little language)

And a joke:
Donald Rumsfeld goes into President Bush’s office to alert him to the fact that 3 Brazilian men were killed in Iraq. The President’s face gets all white and he places his head on his desk as he starts to cry. Everyone in the room kind of stands back in shock about his reaction, at which point he raises his head with tears still in his eyes and asks “How many exactly is 3 Ba-zillion?”

Ba da ba bum. I’ll be here all week.

This joke, by the way, in no way attempts to demean the sacrifices are soldiers are making on the battlefield. It is merely intended to poke fun at our fearless leader.

Thanks to the Bike Riding Donut Guy and the Sports Guy for the things I stole from them.


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  1. It’s all good:-)

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