Everyone salsa!

I decided to try to make up some fresh salsa today from a recipe on a blog I read. (click here for the recipe, halfway down the page) I figured I had most of the ingrediants and I’ve been itching to do it for a while. It turned out pretty good. I haven’t really been a salsa guy in the past. Mostly I just go for the soupy flavored water on my chip, but I was really digging this stuff. We had quesadillas for lunch just so we could use them to scoop up a ton of salsa. (The bowl was full before lunch…I think my kids love salsa more than my wife and I…)

The one deviation I used was to use a can of chilis instead of fresh jalapenos. I couldn’t find any locally and decided not to spend the prep time on them when I can just get them canned. Using a can might be the reason this didn’t really turn out very hot. My wife thought it was plenty hot but it didn’t have much bite to me. Besides, I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to work on a real pepper yet.



One response to “Everyone salsa!

  1. Glad the recipe worked for you — very cool! Using the can of chilis is a great idea, and honestly, much faster and easier than the fresh ones. (I always, no matter how careful I am, end up putting a finger in my eye after cutting up a fresh jalapeno…it’s wicked…)

    Thanks for the link, and I’m enjoying reading your blog!

    The Inadvertent Gardener

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