Sunday Dinner

So yesterday we all went out for a little lunch. I wasn’t feeling ambitious in the kitchen and I was planning for meals later this week and just didn’t really want to whip up anything. We were all kind of tired already because we had already swam in the pool that morning and it kept getting later and later so my wife finally made the executive decision to go out to eat. (I know, we said we wouldn’t go out to eat anymore but stay with me) We decided if we were going to go out it had to be something that I couldn’t really make at home. (I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but honk honk, I’m a pretty darn good cook, for most things) So we went for Chinese (still on my too hard list, except stir fry and fried rice) which is always a crowd pleaser for me and hit or miss for the boys.

But yesterday we scored a direct hit for both of them. After our first choice, a buffet, was closed we went to a place I had seen before but never tried. We weren’t sure what to expect. After sitting down and seeing the menu it felt like we were in bizarro world or something because the prices had to be from 20 years ago. An iced tea for $.99?? You can get a whole meal for $4.99?? And it comes with an egg roll, crab rangoon, soup and the main dish? Unbelievable. By the time we were done both our boys (4 and 2) had eaten crab rangoon, egg rolls, egg drop soup and shared a huge plate of beef and broccoli, and we were all completely stuffed. I couldn’t believe how much food there was and that they were eating it all. As far as I can remember this is their first try of the egg rolls, crab rangoon and egg drop soup. Not to mention Zach (4 yr old) has pronounced in the past that he doesn’t like soup and he won’t eat it no matter what.

When I went to the bathroom to hose the boys off after they ate I mentioned to Zach that he should tell his mom that he was hungry like a wolf and that’s why he ate so much. He ran back to the table and did it. Kids are so impressionable when they are little.

Your welcome for introducing that song to your head. Now you can suffer along with me.



One response to “Sunday Dinner

  1. Hey Matt, you need to go out and try some “REAL” Korean food. Ouch is it ever hot. And in my opinion, not very good. I still have no idea how someone at some point in time said, hey I think I’ll eat this root, or “vegetable”(that term being used loosely) or some other thing that I would have never thought to put in my mouth. Believe it or not though, my taste has expanded some. I am finding some new good things. Am also learning how to cook with just a skillet(stove top). Although I tend to stick to a few basics. I have been boiling chicken breasts and then putting them into a skillet with some Teryaki and sauteeing it. Not sure if that is the right term. But I think you get the jest. It is very good. Tell Rach and the boys Uncle Ben says “Hello!” also, have Rach email me. I don’t know what I did with her address.

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