Evil has a new name…

And it’s name is caffeine. I decided to give up caffeine starting today, and my head is paying for it now. Man, that’s a powerful little drug.

I’m doing this in a further attempt to remove processed foods (and drinks) from my diet. Even though I was drinking diet pop for my caffeine fix I think I’ll feel better (after the initial tough few days) when I don’t have a gnawing need to get my fix each morning. And besides, it will save me a ton of money. I don’t drink coffee so that isn’t something I have to worry about.

After I get past these first tough days I’ll be fine. And then I’ll just have to watch what I drink from now on. (And eat to a certain extent)

But it doesn’t feel like a very good choice right now.

You better watch out candy, you’re next.



2 responses to “Evil has a new name…

  1. You have my utmost sympathies. I did the same thing last year and was a miserable beeyotch for a week.

  2. Now that it’s been a week things are going great. The headaches are gone and I wake up feeling pretty refreshed. Well, except for the aches and pains of getting older.

    When I was drinking caffeine I was always groggy until I got a drink in me, and still tired even though I just woke up.

    Tired and groggy is no way to go through life.

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