Local meal–week 6

It was unbearably hot this week and I didn’t feel like cooking so this is what we had.

Simple grilled zucchinni, squash and potatoes tossed with some salt, basil and olive oil.

Mashed potatoes (I have wwwwaaayyy too many taters), watermelon and canteloupe.

Simple, easy, local and not too hot in the kitchen.



2 responses to “Local meal–week 6

  1. Hey, you might like, if you don’t know about it already, an organization called (I think) Slow Food International, or something like that. Have you been to Devotay in Iowa City? Big on local food and whatever’s in season–we love them.

  2. Is that a restaurant?

    Sometime I’m going to make it to the co-op down there so I can check out their selection. They have a lot of local stuff from what I hear.

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