Local meal–week 7

This week’s meal is:

Top Sirloin from our locally purchased cow quarter.

Steamed corn on the cob.

Grilled zucchinni (one of my new favs)

Canteloupe or Muscatine Melon (whatever you want to call it)

You probably all think we eat a lot of beef, but right now beef is the only local meat option I have. I don’t have room in my freezer yet for any pork or chicken (although there are plenty available to buy which I buy for immediate use but haven’t worked out for this challenge for the most part) because the beef, and what was already in the freezer, have filled it up. Not to mention all the vegetables that are going into it at a fast rate too. So rest assured that I know we need to not eat as much beef and we are working in it.

Our little one helped his mom shuck the corn. We teach ’em young how to handle corn here in Iowa. He’s just over 2.



2 responses to “Local meal–week 7

  1. At least you got the correct term,
    shuck, not peel as I have heard so many people say.

  2. Now just remember Matt, by the time he reaches 8 years of age or so, you are going to have to stand over him and make sure he shucks it all. I remember we always tried to do it the least we could so we could go back to playing. 🙂

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