Kids can be so annoying and exhausting and stressful and time consuming. And then they smile at you, or tell you a funny joke and you forget about all of that.

Well, not the exhaustion.

Our oldest is the blond one here who built the building. It was his version of a skyscraper apartment building. It looks like a building that Dr. Seuss would have drawn.

This is a picture of our youngest one playing with his Thomas train. He’s building a new set of tracks to drive it on. He loves to have his picture taken. The dog is supervising things back there in the back.

Group hug!



4 responses to “KIDS!!!

  1. oh wow, they are both getting so much taller. And they are both getting more slender. I miss them. Give them a hug from Uncle Ben.

  2. 2 boys? I can only imagine.

    We have one of each.

    (Our daughter is 18 and headed off to college this week)

  3. Okay, I don’t want to hear anything about any obnoxiousness of any kids whatsoever since school is starting back up soon, and I’ll be spending my day with a roomful!:)

    Devotay is a restaurant on Linn St. in IC. You and Rachael will have to come down and go out to eat with me and Jim. You can check out New Pioneer Co-op, too.

  4. You can imagine George. You can imagine. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of!! 🙂

    I was able to check out the co-op yesterday when I was cruising through town. Nice place. I would definately be interested in checking out Devotay sometime. Definately.

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