I visited the crunch today (you might remember this post where I discussed the crunch) and I’m feeling great. My legs haven’t felt this good for at least a year, possibly two.

I would definately recommend seeing one if you are having any strange problems that no one else can figure out what is wrong. And especially before you were to have surgery for something.

We walked up to the park last night so the boys could play on the play equipment. Child #1 wanted to ride his bike up there so I let him, on the sidewalk. (He’s only 4, still a little too young for the street, even if I am there). I was surprised how much fun he was having riding his bike. Especially when we got to the park and he could rip around on it on the playground. Our driveway is only about 10 ft long so he doesn’t get much room usually to stretch his legs out. He was really having a great time hammering down on the pedals.

Child #2 also wanted to ride his “bike” to the park. Unfortunately his bike is a big wheel, and he refuses to pedal it, so he makes do by Fred Flinstoning it around. Needless to say it took forever to get to the park. We were smart enough to bring the wagon for tired kids, which was good because Child #2 was really dragging on the way home, and finally had to park the bike and ride.

The first of many I’m sure.

Aug 21
10 miles (commute)

Aug 22
10 miles (commute)



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