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I have a few links that I wanted to share with anyone who wants to read them

Here are a couple of links about our dear President. Click here and here.
(Thanks for the links Donut Guy)

Contrary to your possible belief, I am not expressly anti-Bush in my leanings. I am anti-lying, anti-stupid decision, anti-strong arm tactics and anti-deception in politics. Unfortunately Bush uses all of those tactics in spades, and worst of all, he doesn’t change his path or thoughts when presented with facts that his path is wrong. That’s unconscionable in my book when you are supposed to be a leader.

It’s unfortunate because during his original Presidential campaign I think he had a lot of good ideas. Somewhere along the way he got off track and hasn’t been able to stop the train since. (Or hasn’t cared to stop the train since)

This group is a left leaning group, but it’s still a good comparison of then vs. now.

My only hope for the future is that we will end up with Congress and the White House controlled by different parties so that they will be locked in a stalemate and can’t force things through like we have experienced for the past 6 years. Hopefully then things won’t get worse.

Another link about Cuba and their food after their Peak Oil experience.

A link discussing a “Revolution” that I bet we all wish had never happened. And more here.
(Thanks for the links Ka-bar)




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