Garden pics

So, I’m heading into the backyard to mow the lawn when I figured I’d swing by the garden and pick a few things. I went away this weekend and while I was gone some cucumbers grew, not to mention a little broccoli (finally!! It only took all freaking summer!!) and of course some tomatoes. I finally have something other than tomatoes in the garden. It finally feels like a real garden. It’s pretty exciting!

I started to dig around in the carrot patch. My carrots have been a little disappointing so far this summer. They have all been really small little things that were really hard to work with. I guess I just didn’t give them enough time to grow, cuz they look fine now. Now that they are gone I have room to slide in the garlic.

Come on peppers, hold on a just a little longer. You can make it. You can get finished before the frost comes. I planted 6 pepper plants which I think was a few too many. Hey, it was the same price to buy 6 as buying 2, so I went for the value. Anybody need some peppers?

Do I have the most ugly spot of tomatoes ever? Chicken wire to keep out the rabbits and an old bed frame for the tomato plants to climb up. You won’t find that on Martha Stewart!


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