Local meal week 11

I neglected to capture a photo before we ate it all so you’ll have to make do with a description and use your imaginations. We were in a hurry last night because we had tickets to the circus and I knew I didn’t want to fool with cooking something as we were trying to get out the door with two little boys, so I used the crockpot.

(By the way, the circus was a little disappointing. It was far from the greatest show on earth. I guess they have multiple circus shows and we got the minor league team. It’s still a nice family experience, but not what we were expecting when we entered the arena. We were going to buy the boys some popcorn or cotton candy as a treat, but the prices made me long for a movie theater. $10 for a box of popcorn? Um, excuse me? How about you just take my first born? Here, just take him.)

The local meal this week was:
Roast beef (55 miles)
Potatoes (0 miles, given to me by a friend)
Carrots (0 miles)
Cucumber (0 miles)

Non local ingredients were some salt and pepper and some seasoning salt sprinkled on the cucumber.



4 responses to “Local meal week 11

  1. WOW!! you ate cucumbers. Your new adventures in the culinary world is still amazing me.

    Sorry the circus was disappointing.

  2. 10 bucks for a box of popcorn?

    Holy cow!

    Did they take credit cards?

  3. I never said I ate them mom, they were just served at the dinner table.

    I don’t think they took credit cards. Probably because no one would have a credit limit high enough to pay for much of their stuff!!

  4. And the cotton candy was $6! Give me a break! It was hard to disappoint the boys, but we were not willing to pay that after we spent $15 a piece on tickets!

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