Plant update

Well it looks like they survived the frost last night. I was up this morning to take off the towels and the towels were crunchy with the frost, but I was hoping that the plants would come back with the sunny day we were going to have. They appear to have pulled through. At least most of them.

I’m heading out of town tomorrow for the next few days so you won’t hear much from me until the middle part of next week. I’m sure you will enjoy the chance to catch your breath after the crazy amount of postings I’ve been doing for the summer. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been riding my bike much but I’m hoping that things will slow down soon. I am closing on the delayed sale of an investment property on Friday so my workload should be reduced after work and that should help too.

If I could just get the sun to stay out longer I would be able to do something outside. By the time I eat supper now it’s almost setting and I can’t get anything done out there. Grrrr.



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