I’ve gone off the deep end.

Last night I was crusing home from work in the car (sadly, I’ve been very lazy lately and haven’t ridden my bike much, but it’s paying off) when I happened upon something interesting.

Some people had put yard waste bag out to the curb for the pickup.  You know what I’m talking about.  Those big paper bags.  And they were just sitting there all full of leaves and looking pretty.  They were calling my name.  “Matt…Matt…you need to compost me…don’t make this big diesel fume belching truck pick me up to be composted 15 miles away…compost me here locally…I’ll give you some big fat tomatoes and peppers…” 

I couldn’t resist them.  I took them.  4 of them.  That’s all I could fit in my car.

(This isn’t stealing by the way because if there is anything I’ve learned from watching CSI it’s that anything put out in the trash for trash pickup is public property and is fair game for anyone.  Remember that if you ever commit a murder.  Don’t put all the trashy stuff in your trash at the curb.)

Now I’ve got a new mission.  I’m going to cruise the streets looking for bags people have put out for pickup and squire them back to my house for more effective use.  I’ll be like the people who cruise the streets on big trash pick up day, only not as creepy (hopefully) and more attractive (also hopefully).

It also bears mentioning that last night I filled up two yardys full of leaves for the garden from all the leaves that have been raked into the street from yards.  And there are more still sitting there.  Tomorrow is my trash day and I guarantee you that every yardy that will be put out is going to make a trip to my backyard first to “donate” it’s contents to my gardening success.

Oh yes, there will be leaves.



13 responses to “I’ve gone off the deep end.

  1. Lord help me. The only things in our backyard will be a pool and a bunch of compost. YIPPEE!!!! NNNNOOOOTTT!!!!!

  2. Just as long it is only leaves. Keep those worms busy this fall and winter.

  3. Also watch your language!!

  4. Mom is watching an me too. Alot of people would love for you to be cleaning up the side streets for all the leaves. Downtown Memphis floods when we get alot of reason for alot of that reason. People are to lazy to clean it up. I know we should all be composting. Enjoy reading

  5. Actually, you should check out your local ordinances. For example, in my city, recycling materials are CITY property when they are put out. That means that people cruising for aluminun cans are NOT allowed to take them, at least not legally. This can be important because many municipalities depend upon the revenue from cans to support their other recycling which tends to bring in less money (or cost money to recycle). It might also be true of the yard waste, since cities compost these materials and may sell these to the consumer or use them on city land.

    You might also speak to some neighbors about taking their materials. ‘Round here, those bags cost $1 a piece. I saw my neighbor using one for his garden waste and told him to throw it into my compost bin instead. He’s happily continued to do so! So I’m getting at least 50% more in there and he doesn’t have to buy the bags. We both win!

  6. you say you’ve gone off the deep end, i say you’ve come to your senses. great post.

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  8. thanks matt. now aaron is going to go even more crazy about collecting leaves. i am not going to have any grass at all….only leaves. good luck winning the contest. you will need it! aaron goes out every day looking for leaves (and his brother helps!).

  9. Shoot, I’ll see your “crazy” and raise you one
    “totally ’round the bend”–I’ve been begging for leaves on Freecycle and I’ve gotten about 40 bags so far! I feel really good about diverting them from the landfill, and one lady even delivered them to me.

  10. Not only did I pick up about many many bags BUT I finally got my local city to dump them on my property. I have gotten over 30 dump truck loads so far. Pretty good huh? smallmeadowfarm.blogspot.com/2006/12/another-composting-update.html

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  13. wow !!
    its very interesting point of view.
    Good post.
    realy good post

    thx 🙂

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