Last day at the market

Today was the last day at the market. I’m sad. The summer is officially over.

The day WAS made better by a sign I saw at the market this morning though.

“50 lbs of potatoes $22.”

Sweet! I thought I was going to be stuck buying potatoes from the store, but not now. Sign me up! I lugged that home and didn’t even get a sideways glance. (I think she’s getting use to it!)

We hit the orchard and pumpkin patch this afternoon. I only had 5 apples while in the orchard and only bought about 7 lbs worth so I did pretty good.


Of course, if I had known about this little challenge that Aaron threw out I would have spent my day differently. Now I’m a day behind.

I won some tickets to a race tomorrow at the Iowa Speedway and I’m talking my little guy. I’m not really a huge racing guy(it sure does waste a lot of fuel) but he likes race cars and the tickets were free so what the heck. I bet he’ll think it’s a ton of fun. I’ll have an update on that tomorrow probably.

But then I’m two days behind. Grrr



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