It’s raceday!

Well today was the day of the race. It was certainly interesting.

Zach was SO excited that he could hardly contain himself. He was on a mission on theimages12.jpg way into the track and that was to see the track with the race cars on it. He didn’t want to stop at the displays to see the real NASCAR cars or get any snacks from the food stands. NO! He didn’t have to go to the bathroom. He had to see the race cars! He was zeroed in on the race cars.

So we hustled up to the grandstands to get our seats. And we waited. We waited through all the announcements and babble over the loudspeaker. Finally the preacher did the envocation and then the national anthem came on, sung by Trick Pony. Then some F-16s flew over flown by the Iowa National Guard (when Z saw those he went crazy. He was just in awe of them. He was so busy staring at them he didn’t even get his camera up to take their picture) and then the announcer came on and he said those 4 famous words:

“Gentleman, start your engines”

And they fired up their big engines and I immediately realized that I should have brought ear plugs. And a gas mask for all the fumes. But Zach was still in awe of it all. He was watching the cars warm up around the track and jumping up and down. I can’t remember when I saw him that excited. (The noise was kind of nice because he couldn’t ask me a million questions but his poor little ears. Stupid dad. I forgot his coat too. We never forget stuff when Mom’s involved…)

That was really the best parts. I enjoyed watching this guy race. This is Juan Pamontoya.jpgblo Montoya. He’s pretty good. He’s just starting to race stock cars after racing open wheels for a long time. He looked like Ricky Bobby out there. Until he wrecked.

The funniest thing about watching the race in person is that you can’t watch everything, even on a small track. You kind of have to pick someone to watch and watch them. I was watching Montoya because it was like Pole Position out there for him.

Basically after about half the race Z said he wanted to go home. And that was it. He took about 20 pictures of the cars in action, and two trucks and pace cars. Frankly just about everything on the infield. Oh yeah, and a Hummer.

Some observations:

If you ever attend a race you must wear either A.) Carhartt clothing, B) Tons of racing gear or C) Camouflouge stuff. Although all three of these are prevalant in large quantities in any Iowa crowd.

Also, make sure you take some serious cash. Man, I thought the circus was bad…



One response to “It’s raceday!

  1. I hear ya.

    I went to Dover Delaware a couple years ago to catch the NASCAR race. I spent close to 200 bucks on a ticket, parking, food and souvenirs.

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