Tag out at schools?

Say what?

You know, I was the fat kid when I was growing up and I was never very fast. But it didn’t turn me into a wimp and make me not want to play games like tag. I still played. I just had to use my brain a little more to catch the fast ones.

And when I got way too slow to play then I moved on to other sports that didn’t require a lot of speed. Baseball, football & tetherball all come to mind.

With all the obesity in our society some things need to change. I very highly doubt it will be the food system (which is too bad) so why take away the other side of the teeter totter and get rid of exercise? Taking away gym class and recess is already bad enough. Now tag?

You know what this smacks of to me? People who aren’t willing to sack up and be parents. You know what? Maybe you’re kid is slow and isn’t very good at tag, but so what? Go outside and do other things with them so they can develop other interests. Teach them that it’s OK to do things for fun even if they aren’t the best at it. Having fun with what you’re doing is more important than being the best tag player, or the best soccer player or the best person on the monkey bars. If you have fun why does it matter?

Turn off the TV, get involved with your kids and be a freaking parent.



2 responses to “Tag out at schools?

  1. NO TAG!!!! That is ludicrous. I could go on forever on the reasons we should have tag, being a PE Teacher, but I won’t do that. Just figured I would leave a lil comment.

  2. Been mulling this over since first read and have to say my piece.

    You were not a husky child, super slims if I could find them till 6th grade when you started allergy shots. That is when you started to put on a little more weight and had growing spurts of 4 sizes in 6th grade. At that time YOU were not as active cause you slept a LOT to make up for the growth spurt. Thus your activity level dropped except for your paper route and ball games. Yes, you could lose a few pounds but you are not FAT.

    Love you

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