Leaves, leaves everywhere leaves…

Been super busy lately. Working a lot, helping people move, been sick and working on some home improvements. I should start getting some home improvements finished this weekend so stay tuned. Until then here are some beautiful pictures.


This is what the bed of a truck looks like when you jam three yardys full of leaves into it and smash them down with an empty trash can.


Here’s a pic of our corn stove doing triple duty. It’s heating our house (it’s a nice 69 degrees right now), it’s drying our clothes and it’s also drying some jalapenos. You can barely see them as little hanging things to the right of the very interesting sweater. I think I might be in trouble for that ending up on the WWW for all to see.

How about it readers? Feel like trying the 100 Mile Thanksgiving?



3 responses to “Leaves, leaves everywhere leaves…

  1. Where did all the leaves come from?

  2. Just so you know, that is a sleeping sweatshirt. Nothing that I wear out in public! It was a free bee from your sister!

  3. Thought the sweatshirt looked somewhat familiar and nothing like what Wifey would wear.
    Besides, who cares as long as it was not undies showing.

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