Bob Vila aint’ got nothing on me

Well, I finally insulated the attic above our family room. I’ve always felt that this space probably wasn’t insulated and I was right. It basically had no insulation in it. Well I fixed that. (With help from my wife and kids who helped me measure the pieces and then hand them up to me when I was wedged into the attic)

Here are the stats:

Insulation installed:R-50 (2 layers of R-25) for 14 rolls. (I bought 20 and have 6 leftover which I’m going to use to insulate the rim joist area of my basement.)

Money spent: $320 for 20 rolls. (with a $100 gift card coming back from Lowe’s for spending over $300 on insulation, so really $220.  And don’t forget that insulation costs are eligible for a tax credit when you do your taxes this year.  Ask your tax person.)

Hours spent: Approximately 6 total hours spread across 4 people.

Power tools used: 1 (I had to cut an access panel in the ceiling with the reciprocating saw.)

If was incredibly easy.  If you have been hesitant to do something like this don’t be.  The home improvement centers have easy directions on how to do it (or the internet) and it is fairly inexpensive.  You’ll notice the comfort change immediately and just feel better about yourself afterwards.

Here are some pics.

Insulation stored in my screen porch.







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