Rock the vote!!

Tomorrow is election day. Today I hear people at work complaining that their shows won’t be on because election news will be on.

I guess IT IS a big deal to miss some of your shows for a week.

No reason to be concerned at all really about our country’s loss of habeas corpus or the Supreme Court upheld abuse of eminent domain or even the Prez’s newly instituted powers of capture and torture as part of our loss of habeas corpus.

We must make sure to see our TV shows in real time on the day they’re scheduled to air. It’s not like they can show them next week or anything.


PS. Please get out and vote tomorrow. Unless you want someone who talks like this to continue to be as out of control as a teenager whose parents are out of town and there’s no lock on the liquor cabinet.


2 responses to “Rock the vote!!

  1. “who talks like this” is a this broken link

  2. Thanks Jennifer. It has been fixed.

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