Is Air Force One efficient?

President Bush made sure to vote today. In his home place of Crawford, Tx.

He made sure to fly in Air Force 1 to his home place to cast his vote. Then he flew back to Washington.

Hmm. Hey Dubya, you ever heard of an absentee ballot? You could maybe save the country a little money that way.

If I worked the specs right Air Force 1 travels one mile and burns 6.8 gallons of fuel. Another back of the envelope figure says it is 1,446 miles from Crawford, Tx to DC.


So, assuming he started in DC his little jaunt rang up 2,892 miles traveled burning 19,666 gallons of jet fuel. Is it safe to assume that a gallon of jet fuel costs $10? If so, this little trip of his cost us $196,666. Just so he could vote in person.

I shouldn’t be surprised. He hasn’t shown much fiscal responsibility yet, but this seems a little out there.



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