Fattie want a cracker?

This Sunday boy #1 (this is how I refer to my kids. I can’t remember their names until about the 5th try anymore so I just call them #1 and #2. Parents reading this know what I mean.) and I decided to make some crackers from scratch. Yes, from scratch. Really. It was kind of a strange endeavor seeing as how crackers are pretty cheap to buy, certainly tasty and definitely a lot easier to buy than make, but I wanted to see how it was to make them and he wanted some crackers so we went at it.

And it wasn’t so bad. Most of the crackers on the edges got burnt while they ones on the inside turned out about right. On top of that they don’t have nearly enough flavor. But, on the flip side they are also way, way less salty and didn’t have any nasty fats in them. Just fats that I’m OK with.

The little guy stayed interested until we put the first batch in the oven and up until the second batch was getting prepped and then he lost interest and moved on. At least until it was time to taste the crackers. Then it was like he had never left. He had a good time dumping all the items together and watching the mixer run. And he had a good time using the rolling pin to roll out the dough. I have a feeling if there is a next time he’ll be willing to help again.

For some reason the dough was extremely hard to get rolled out to the proper depth across the whole pan. Maybe because I’m not much of a baker or perhaps because it was just too stiff. But either way, I think that contributed to some of the problems with the cooking. By the time I got to the fourth batch I had started to separate the dough into multiple balls on the pan to get the dough rolled out and that seemed to help. Perhaps if we do it again I’ll start out that way and see how it goes.

That’s the question though, will we do it again? I’m not sure. I have to figure out how to infuse the crackers with more flavor next time. I made veggie crackers that had a ton of heat from the pepper, but not much else to them. And the cheese crackers didn’t have any cheese flavor at all. (They were made with real cheese though just like the fancy brands!!) Perhaps I’ll add some powdered cheese flavor next time around. There is certainly room to experiment in the future if I decide to try to tackle this again.

No pictures because they just aren’t picture worthy at this point.

You know, the crackers may not have much flavor, but I bet they would be a great delivery device for some cheese dip or spinach/artichoke dip or possibly even some hummus. Hmmm…



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