Off Beat Thoughts

Lately I’ve taken to jotting down off beat things that slide across my brain when my mind wanders. I’ve mostly just been curious about them and I wanted to see if there was a pattern or something. images.jpg

I wondered how many people who appeared on Love Connection actually ended up getting married? Conversely, how many people appeared on the Newlywed Game and then had marital trouble?

I was curious what caused people to be overcompetitive in pickup games when most people are just trying to have fun and get some exercise?

I wonder why butter tastes so darn good. Same thing with donuts.

I’ve been wondering why anyone would want to use a turkey fryer. I don’t care how good the stupid turkey is. I like my face too much.

I’ve been wondering how health insurance companies make any profit. It seems like everyone I know uses more in medical services than they pay each year for the insurance, including the part of the bill the employer pays.

As Christmas approaches I’ve been wondering when in our history Christmas became such a commercialized, greedy holiday celebrating massive overspending and wastefulness. I bet it was when the baby boomers were young. It seems like that was the first generation to really be catered to by their parents.

Lately I’ve been wondering if you could can chicken broth and salsa at home just like you do with spaghetti sauce and vegetables. If you can that sounds like a better idea than to freeze it like I always do.

Something I’ve wondered for a long time is how weather people can live with themselves for being wrong so much. When they cash their paychecks don’t they ever feel like they’re stealing?

I don’t see a pattern. Do you?



7 responses to “Off Beat Thoughts

  1. Donuts taste good because of the secret sauce all us bakers us when we make them.

    Us baby boomers are at fault for Christmas becoming like a Las Vegas floor show.

    Sorry bout that.

  2. I canned salsa this fall. My husband said it turned out fantastic! I didn’t try it because I made it for him and he likes it hot. It wasn’t hot enough for him but too hot for me!

    Weather people don’t get it wrong. They make predictions with percentage chances of X happening. If it doesn’t happen, they weren’t wrong, lying, or stealing. And if you think they don’t get it right often enough, look back a few years. In the last couple decades (or less), their forecasts have improved greatly. They used to, for instance, be able to forecast only a day or so. Now we get 5-day forecasts.

  3. Secret Sauce? George-Now I don’t want to eat them at all. I thought it was all the love you put into them.

    Ann-I’m glad the salsa worked out. I’m going to go that route then for sure. We love salsa and I plan on putting up a bunch of that next year. Thanks for responding.

  4. Butter and donuts are full of fat, and as an idiot savant once told me, “Fat is what makes food taste good.” Works for me.

    Turkey fryers are much better utilized for either stir-frying or homebrewing.

    I’ve canned several batches of salsa at home no problem. Just try to use them up within 9 months or so, and make sure you find a recipe that calls for the salsa to be cooked first. The fresh recipes (i.e. dice, mix & serve) wouldn’t do so good. The Ball Blue book has a pretty good salsa recipe that I use as a base guideline. Chicken broth, you’d probably have to use a steam canner and/or freeze it. Not sure.

  5. Salsa can be canned in a water bath or steam canner because tomatoes are acidic (and you always add lime juice or citric acid to make it more so). I wouldn’t can chicken broth without a pressure canner, but once you have one of those, you can can non-acid veggies like green beans, peas, even meat!

  6. I agree totally. Used to have a pressure canner . Even did tomatoes and sauces in it since it did take a lot less time. Even know of some people who would can chicken and fish. Delish!! and in the family.

  7. Great. Glad to hear the advice. I’m definately going to try to do them. Thanks

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