The local pork guy

I was looking over the November flyer that was mailed to me by the farmer that I buy our pork products from when I noticed a funny little cartoon.
They have a picture of a turkey on the inside cover saying “Eat Pork”, obviously denoting that we should have a pork product for Thanksgiving instead of a turkey.  I find this slightly humorous because it is a play off the chik-fil-a advertising slogan where a cow holds up sign boards telling people to eat more chikin.  See picture to the right.  You don’t get that kind of strange one off actions when you buy products from Mr. Big Agri-business company.  
Sorry pig man, we had turkey at Thanksgiving, and are still eating it, but we’ll have pork at Christmas.  Perhaps a nice little pork roast, brined of course, with all the local fixings I can come up with.
I think a 100 mile Christmas meal will be just what the doctor ordered.


4 responses to “The local pork guy

  1. Sounds good to me. Too bad I will not be there for Christmas dinner.

  2. Oh we’ll probably have it on Christmas Eve or something. I wouldn’t want to wait until Christmas day to have it.

  3. Iron Chef Matt, while we are talking about food, got any good ideas for kidney beans? I’ve already made a lot of chili. Now I want a different taste. Thanks

  4. How’d you like to get tagged? This is a thing which hit some biking blogs. You write six weird (habits, pet peeves, whatever) things about yourself on your blog, and then leave comments on six other blogs about how to play.

    Sorry, I don’t usually do these things either!

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