How to tell you’re getting older

How can you tell your getting older?  You take some pain pills after a hard workout.
How can you tell your getting even older than that?  You take some before and after the workout, just to make sure nothing hurts DURING the workout.
I’m a 3 before and 3 after kind of guy.  But only when I play basketball, or for some sick reason, go jogging.
C’est la vie.


3 responses to “How to tell you’re getting older

  1. I feel you there bro. hahaha. I don’t take anything before basketball, but baseball I sometimes will. Depends on how the shoulders feel with the throwing and swinging. On a side note: Is Bill Simmons not possibly the best columnist on I would say one of the baseball writers, cuz I am a baseball person, but they make you pay to read most of those. Simmons page 2 stuff is hilarious and free. great combination. also, check out the videos on my myspace page. click videos under my profile picture.

  2. If you would play down low where the big boys play you would probably get a little more beat up.

    Try that next time. Come down in the paint where the giants play.

  3. Are you freaking serious? Play down low? What do you think I do? You don’t seriously think you would have a chance in heck of stopping me down low, outside, or off the dribble do you? HAHAHAHAHAA. Da Meat Hook is unstoppable. It was even given its own nickname by the other guys I play with.

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