It’s not a shed down by the river

I have a friend who calls me his “hippie friend from up north”.  He constantly wonders how long it will be before I’m living in a shed with no running water in rural Montana likeshed.jpg the Unabomber.  That’s Ok, that’s what guys do.  We bust each other’s chops.  I constantly make fun of the fact that he grew up in a small town in Missouri where the entertainment options are cow tipping, the late night pitch and putt and watching the electric plant blow smoke.

However, the most important thing to clear up here is that I would never live in a shed in Montana with no running water.  If anything, it would be a straw bale house, although it wouldn’t be much bigger than a shed.  It would have at least a well to supply running water to the house, although the solid waste would be composted while the greywater was used for irrigation.  It would probably be heated by wood I harvested from my land. 
And it most certainly would NOT be in Montana.  It’s too cold up there.  I think some rural area in Iowa would be just fine.  Maybe Arkansas if I could find a place that didn’t have too many rocks (if you’ve been to Arkansas you know a place without rocks doesn’t exist).

I most certainly would NOT be mailing packages to people around the country.

Other than those small changes I guess he’s pretty spot on.



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