Makin’ Butter (UPDATED)

(Update) This morning I used the butter to cook up some breakfast, like I do every morning and there was no difference between the store bought butter and this butter.  Awesome!  In fact, I would say this butter was more useful because it was softer and appeared like it would be easier to spread on toast. 

So, this morning I’m at the local mega mart and what do I see? Some cream, produced by a fairly local dairy company. This is the same company that I’ve mentioned a long time ago, and this is where I previously bought my milk, until I found the place more local.

So I bought a pint of cream intending to make butter tonight. My plan was to use the glass jar method of butter making where you put the cream in the jar and shake it until it eventually makes butter.


The two primary pieces of hardware, one of which contains the software.

So I dumped the cream in the jar and started shaking. I had read on the net that it could take anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes to make butter. We turned on some music and enjoyed some dancing time. Below is an action shot of the shaking.


It ended up taking perhaps 15 minutes of actual shaking. And the shaking wasn’t as bad as I expected. (The kids weren’t as gullible as I had hoped and didn’t fall prey to my claims of how much fun the shaking was.) And here is what I ended up with. One container of butter milk and one solid chunk of delicious butter.

2-8-07-008.jpg 2-8-07-014.jpg

And that was it. It was slightly anti-climatic really. But I still think it was cool. My wife asked me why I would bother to make my own butter, other than the fact that I’m a freak. Well…

The pint of cream I purchased for $1.79 produced 6 ozs of butter and a container full of buttermilk. The butter cost was $.298 per oz. The cream was produced in NE Missouri on a farm that isn’t organic (at least not certified) but does pasture their cows and is hormone free.

The organic butter I purchased this morning while at the store was $4.38 (might have been $4.88 I’m not sure) for 16 ozs, which works out to $.27 per oz.

For the slight increase in price I would rather buy more local and from a smaller group.

It was a cool experiment. Now the the true test will be tomorrow morning when I try out the butter to see how it tastes.

In other news, you may remember recently where I discussed a local dairy group I found and have started to purchase their milk. Well, I talked to the sales manager today about their products and in the next few weeks we should start to see their yogurt, cheese, cream, butter and such start appearing in local Hy-Vee stores. Be sure to keep an eye out for them. That’s great news because I’ve really cut back my yogurt consumption because I could only get factory farm stuff, and I’ll certainly want to use their cream when I make butter in the future.




One response to “Makin’ Butter (UPDATED)

  1. If you’re interested in yogurt, you should check out the Yogotherm:

    I picked one up last year but haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. If you can get ahold of the milk you want, making yogurt with it appears to be a snap with this device.

    I got mine here:

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