Important research alert

Today out of England on the BBC we have a report that they have identified what causes beer goggles. 

Apparantly after some serious scientific research they have determined that alcohol is NOT the only factor.  Your eye sight and the smokiness of the room contribute.


It gets better.  They have developed a formula to determine your liklihood of suffering from this serious affliction.  Check it below.


Forget E=MC2, this formula is now required learning for all potential college students.  How many horribly awkward moments could be avoided by the timely use of this formula when at the bar?

They need to integrate this bad boy into one of those watches that does like 60 different things.  This should be option #2 after telling time.

Frat Boy 1: Dude, you can’t go talk to her, your beer goggle index is 87 right now!

Frat Boy 2: No way man!  That girl is totally hot.  I am so going to talk to her. 




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