New info

If you hadn’t noticed already I wanted to draw your attention to a few new pages listed at the top of the main page.

Books is a list of books I’ve read that you may also enjoy.

Fatty’s Info is some fun facts about me.

Local chow is a list of local food vendors that I’m keeping.  It’s not complete and a work in progress, but there’s enough there for someone to really make changes to what they eat if they are so interested.

Let me know what you think!


4 responses to “New info

  1. Thanks for adding the Local Chow area. I’ve been meaning to ask you about your local food sources since I am trying to reduce my food miles. I haven’t heard of the your chicken and turkey suppliers and will have to inquire about getting them at my local natural foods store.

    Do you have access to Wallace Farms beef or Deo Gloria Farms elk in CR? Wallace Farms beef is grass feed and organic and is out of the Vinton area. Deo Gloria feed their elk grain that isn’t organic, but they don’t give their elk hormones or antibiotics and is near New Sharon. Both are good sources of tasty red meat.

    For sweetners I use Maasdam sorhum and Ebert honey. Both are near Lynnville. You should find Ebert honey ay Hy Vee, but not sure if they carry the sorghum.

  2. I think I’ve seen the Wallace Farms stuff at the farmer’s markets. I mostly get my stuff direct from the farmer either through bulk purchase, individual arranged sale or from the farmer’s markets. I don’t usually have a need to shop at the store for the local meat products, except for eggs during the off season.

    If you buy straight from the farmer you will naturally be forced to eat more seasonal. Chickens are only available in the summer. Etc.

    I get my honey at the farmer’s markets also, but will look for those the next time I’m at Hy-Vee and need honey.

  3. I didn’t correspond buying directly from the farmer with eating seasonally, but it does make sense. I got accepted into a CSA last week and look forward to meeting the farmer and getting organic produce.

    I get the items I listed above at the general store that sells local food products that I mentioned in a post awhile ago. I heard another market is opening up in same locations as the indoor farmer’s market that went out of business last year here in DM. It will be more upscale and not sure how much local products they will sell. I will try a plant a seed with them to carry more Iowa products.

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