Advanced weapons pictures

I was recently sent these pictures with the nice headline “Your military under the Democrats”. I of course take exception to that. I prefer to think of these pictures as examples of how the military will look after our Republican “leadership” bankrupts our country.


A patrol boat


Precision shooting weapon


Troop transport (replacement for the Humvee)

By the way, are you under the mistaken notion that the Democrats can’t control their spending? Check out this chart of our debt levels under the past 6 presidents.


From this story.


3 responses to “Advanced weapons pictures

  1. Heh… while the Dems are always ripped for being ‘tax & spend’ politicians, the Republicans have perfected the art of ‘borrow & spend’ stiffing future generations with the bill.

    At least raising taxes forces some sort of fiscial reality on people. My kids will be paying off the Iraq war, and they won’t be entering the workforce for another 15 years or more (hopefully).

  2. That is a great graph. Mind if I post it too?

  3. frecklescassie–

    Feel free to post the graph if you wish. I think normal blogging protocol is to at least provide a link back to the site that the picture came from, so if you would link back to the original story I got the graph from I would appreciate it. I provided a link to that story just below the graph.

    Bart–Of course you already know that we’re on the same page. The worst thing about Washington is that spending has no touch with the actual reality of how much money they have. Hence all the debt. I wish they would impose budget limits like the states do.

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