It’s Wednesday

Sorry I have put anything up for a long time. You know how it is. Tons going on, been sick, first nice weather of the year, tired, big projects, still searching for a new job (I lost out on two which was a little tough to swallow) etc. Anyway, I’ve got some things going down so you’ll be hearing about them soon.

I guess I did something right with the seedlings because they are going OK. Of course my labeling system sucks and since they all look the same I’m really not sure what the hell these things are. I think they are mostly tomatoes.



4 responses to “It’s Wednesday

  1. Roll the dice and plant them. Whatever they are, they’ll still grow…

    Here’s a tip I learned from a gardening friend. Take masking tape and tape to the side of the tray and label the seedling that way. This systems works well if you plant the same seeds in rows.

  2. I’ve gotta get my seeds started. I haven’t dug the garden bed yet, so I was going to wait a few weeks before starting the seeds… last thing I need is seedlings ready to go and no place to put them.

  3. If I remember correctly the last 3 outer squares are peppers. You put in several different kinds of tomatoes.
    I am sending you some craft sticks(leftover from a Lacey project) which will work great out in your beds. Just write on them with a black Sharpie what is planted in each area.
    Wait till they are a little bigger to transplant them, then baby them for a few weeks.

  4. So the three that haven’t sprouted are peppers? Great. If they don’t make it I’ll have to buy some seedlings I guess.

    Bart-I think you better get going. Even with your cold climate in MN you probably should be planting things, unless you are only going to grow warm weather crops.

    That’s a good idea Dan. I’ll try that next year. I do plan to plant everything that comes up no matter what they are.

    I think I’ll move them into larger trays in the next few days. They are getting quite tall and I want to make sure to give the roots plenty of depth. Plus my worm castings just arrived so I can add those to the mix.

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