Visitors at our house

This week we had a couple of visitors at our house. We seem to get two of these each spring and fall. It’s kind of strange.

In other news, we’re getting the attic in our house drywalled, finally. It only took three years after move in. We tore the original junk down to insulate the attic as well as we snipshot_e4e7l3q2i6d.jpgcould. The space will be quite different that is for sure. I’m also excited to have the option to send the boys up there too when they get too loud.

While I would like to say I’m the one doing the work that would be a lie. But I have been creating my own mess outside.

snipshot_e41akqdis3xl.jpg I cut down these ugly evergreen bushes and planted two blueberry and two blackberry bushes in their place. Tomorrow morning we’ll be putting in some strawberries to act as the ground cover in that area. Hopefully everything works out really well. It’s such a pleasure to work in the dirt around here. I know I have it good compared to most people, but it takes hardly any effort to break up the soil and dig holes and move stuff around. It’s really great. Of course there are a few areas that are still tough to break up occasionally, but that’s usually because they’re hard baked from the sun.

After these bushes are planted that leaves me just one more 100 sq ft spot to dig up and get planted. Those are all after the last frost plants though so I’ve got some time. This is fun stuff!!



2 responses to “Visitors at our house

  1. After 3 years you should start calling the ducks by name. Visitors that often need a name. How about Tilly and Tally. Welcome back to C.R.
    Both areas look so different. With chimney out of the attic ,WOW!. Lots of room. Too bad you have to put in closets.
    What an improvement to get the bushes out of there.

  2. There is a thrid wheel duck. We have decided to name her Sally. So, we have Tilly, Tally and Sally.

    The closets don’t take up much room. They are right by the steps, so the room is going to be huge. Can’t wait for you to see it!

    It is AWESOME to have the bushes gone. I actually had to admit that I had fun helping Matt put in the little black liner thing around the outside of the bushes. They boys played well together in the sandbox while we bonded with dirt!

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