Chicken’s good for you isn’t it?

If you eat chicken because it’s healthy and good for you I would recommend you read this link.

(HT: George)

Update:  I just saw this story too.  Would you like a little poison with your boneless, skinless chicken breast?



4 responses to “Chicken’s good for you isn’t it?

  1. You oughta see the next link I found about chicken…..I’ll have it posted up by Wednesday.

  2. More and more these days – going vegan/vegetarian seems like one of the brightest things I’ve ever done in my life.

    In Canada “Health Canada” fired about 5 scientists in 2004 who claimed they were being forced to approve a drug used on cattle that the Europeans considered a carcinogen.

    It is all so yucky and so political!!!

  3. Really, now that I get the majority of my food from local sources that I know this news doesn’t even affect me. It’s so commonplace now to hear it I think I’m desensitized.

  4. I had squirrel before and it tastes like chicken and ham mix!!!

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