Berry ready…get it? Berry ready!

If you have any hints you want to drop to me about making jam I’m all ears.


I picked up this little baby at a garage sale for $3.



4 responses to “Berry ready…get it? Berry ready!

  1. Oh, I am jealous. Berries got hit hard here with a nasty freeze after record highs in April. So did peaches, and apples, and just about all fruit. I am very jealous.

  2. Adding lemon juice lets you cut down (or eliminate) pectin. Just don’t add too much. And you really do need to add the amount of sugar whatever recipe you choose dictates, even though it seems obscene. Keep stirring, and use the plate-in-the-freezer test periodically to drop some of the liquid on it. It’s the only true test of when it will have “jammed.”

  3. Don’t overcook and keep stirring. Don’t want it to scorch. Good luck.

  4. I did scorch it a little. I’m also not sure how well it set up. I’m going to give it a try tonight and see how it looks once I pop one open. You’ll see a full report soon.

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