I have myself in a little bit of a pickle right now.  My oldest son, who is 5, is bound and determined that when he grows up he will be a race car driver.  He’s even picked out his number.  He wants to be #30. 

I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, he’s only 5 and he’ll probably change his mind a hundred times.  Along with that is the wasteful use of fuel and environmental impact of racing that concerns me.  But, he is my sons so shouldn’t I support him whatever he wants to do?  Even if I don’t agree with it? 

Does that mean he has to get involved soon?  I hear about the guys who are racing now and how they started by racing go carts at 5 or 7 or whatever.  I don’t want him to be behind the curve if he really does want to do this.  But the huge impacts to our lives from him being involved with this are almost untenable.  I can’t stomach the idea of buying a go cart for him to race with and then having to buy a truck or something to pull it from race to race?  Ugg.  All that waste. 

Maybe I can get him to take up bicycle racing or something instead.


One response to “Quandry

  1. SWEET # Z!!!!!

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