One Local Summer starts today

Today is the start of One Local Summer.  There are 4 participants so far through this site, plus me.  You can sign up anytime so don’t be afraid!

You can post your meal on your blog and send me a link.  I’ll travel over and accumulate them here for a one a week cumulative post.  Or you can e-mail the details to me, with a pic if you wish, if you don’t have a blog or don’t want to post it on your site.

My e-mail is bikingmatt (at)

And don’t sweat the details.  If you can’t find local flour, spices, salt or oils, use them anyway.  Getting started by focusing on the big items of meat, fruit, veggies and making your dishes at home are powerful first steps.  And instead of buying bread you could make it.  In my book, that counts even if the flour isn’t local, because the production of the food item was local.  I would say the same thing about local cheese and tortillas, etc.  But you can take it to whatever level you want it to be.  Heck, just putting away the prepackaged foods and making things from scratch is a big step depending on where you are starting from.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out!



One response to “One Local Summer starts today

  1. Hi Matt,
    My first OLS meal is up.
    Thanks for letting us do this!

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