Veggie overload

We had company this weekend. I think she was taken aback by the amount of vegetables that cross our plates in our house.

Oh well, to each their own. It happens to other people too.

It was a good weekend in the kitchen. I finally made scones from a baking mix I won at the King Arthur baking classes I attended. They turned out good, although they looked like they had been overmixed. That’s the bane of my cooking when I do biscuits. I always overmix them. But the eaters said they were good.

Saturday for lunch we had some people over. People who like beans. So I made up the Cuban bean recipe, which was great because now I only have one days leftover instead of 4 or 5. I really love that recipe, and it was much better with only 1/2 of a jalapeño in it. We also had quesadillas, mulberries (from their CSA) and black raspberries from the market, lettuce salad and some other things I’m not remembering now. It was really a large lunch.

Dinner was simple with hamburgers, homemade fries, lettuce salad (it’s in season) and honey spiced cauliflower, which didn’t turn out very honey like. I’m not sure what happened there.

Breakfast this morning we had some French Toast (because I had a loaf of french bread expiring) and sausages from our pig. These sausages are so lean I actually have to add a little fat to the pan or they will stick and burn on the sides. It’s amazing what happens when you make up the sausage yourself (well, the butcher does) rather than focusing on cost savings like the sausage companies do.

We made from Chocolate Chip and Kissables cookies this afternoon too. I wanted to take some to some people at work who have been putting in extra effort for me. People always love fresh cookies!

We enjoyed a meal at our favorite Chinese place for lunch and dinner was Chicken and Rice soup for Child #2 and I. I just love homemade soups.

Good weekend.



One response to “Veggie overload

  1. I HATE sausage. I tried the sausage from the local pig. YUM-O as Rachael Ray would say. There is a lot to be said about eating locally. Not only is it WAY more healthy for you, but the flavor of things ROCKS!

    Another example of why I like the fact that we eat locally is this-we went to a Mexican place on Thursday night. We got a salad with dinner but were too stuffed (darn chips!) to eat it all, so we brought it home. I went to eat it Sunday night and it was already rotten. We have lettuce in the fridge that we picked in the middle of last week that still is good! It may cost a little more to eat locally, but it is SO worth it!

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